May 2017

I gave a guest lecture in Ling1010 (May Session) titled “Testing Simple Hypotheses in Acquisition: Passives as a Case Study”.

Spring 2016

I was a visiting student at the Cognitive Science department at the University of California-Irvine for Spring 2016. I was supervised by Lisa Pearl working on a project looking at semantic cues that are relevant for the acquisition of the English Verbal Passive.

March 2016

I successfully defended my first Generals Paper titled: “Felicity of the by-phrase is not enough: Re-evaluating O’Brien et al. (2006)”.

Committee: William Snyder (Overseer), Diane Lillo-Martin, and Susi Wurmbrand.

December 2015

One of my projects was featured in the UConn College of Language Arts and Sciences Newsletter! Read more here.

May 2015

I gave a presentation titled “Developmental milestones” with William Snyder at Parents’ Night at the Discovery Zone Learning Center in Columbia, CT. [PDF]