About Me

How to pronounce my last name: The IPA transcription of my last name ‘Nguyen’ is [ŋwĩŋ]. But even with the IPA transcription, I understand that it’s still hard to pronounce it. So I generally prefer people to pronounce my last name as [wIn]. Yeah, like ‘Emma win‘.

Hailing from Annapolis, Maryland, I enjoy good food and good drinks, especially breakfast foods and cocktails (though not necessarily together). I also spend most of my time annoying my cat, Misha. That’s her below.


Prior to coming to the University of Connecticut, I received my Bachelors Degree in Linguistics from the University of Maryland, College Park. For several years, I worked as an undergraduate research assistant for the Project on Children’s Language Learning under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Lidz where I was an active member in two projects that focused on English-learning children’s understanding of Filler-Gap Dependencies as well as Principle C.